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  The Dating Doctor (David D. Coleman) is here to help! With love and relationships as his specialty, this smooth operator's articles will help with dating, relationships, and the mysteries of the opposite sex.

Before Calling It Quits, Consult "The List"
It's Easy to be Impressive When You're Not Trying

Understanding "No"
Vacation Dates Can Be Misinterpreted
When Love Hurts
Why Taken Men Flirt
Why Younger Women Are Attracted to Older Men
Excessive PDA is Far From Okay
Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or Mr. Next?
Men are Confused about the 'Rules' of Dating
Maybe Men Do Have It Made
The Unwritten Rules of Male Bathroom Etiquette
It's Not The Color That Matters
Ready to Propose? Be Creative!
Hints For Women To Revive Romance
Dating Your Roomate's Ex is Playing with Fire.
Kiss-off Quotes Give Hidden Message
Horrible At Gift Buying? Here's Help!
If You Have to Ask, You're Not Ready!
When Raid Makes the Best Perfume
Why We Attract "Control Freaks"
Be Cautious With Cyber Relationships
Don't Let Your Ex Ruin It For Your Next
Food Can Be Sexy
A Bushel, A Peck, A Kisser You'd Like To Deck!
More Kissers Who Couldn't Cut It!
Make Kissing Count
Good Responses for Bad Pickup Lines
How to Spot a Lie!

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