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Kissing Games

  Need a few party ice-breakers? Maybe just some games for a cozy night by the fire. Whatever you need kissing games for, we got 'em!

For starters, we thought we'd bring you some old classics. Maybe you've played these before, maybe not... but they're definitely worth a try! If YOU have a kissing game for us, send it to games@virtualkiss.com.

Click on one of the games below to learn how to play:

2-Player Kissing Games!

Survivor Kisses
Animal Kisses
Couch Kisses
Mix and Match
Spinning Blindfold Kisses
Pick and Choose
Kissing Game Show
Hot Like Fire
Blindfold Kisses
Kiss or Dare
Kissing Poker
Pass the CD
Kissing Team Tag
Kissing Whodunnit
Red Lips Rover
Guess the Flavor
Roll The Dice
Pass The Candy (Kiss)
Spin the Bottle
Kissing Freeze Tag
Post Office
Ice Kold Kisses
Lifesaver Kandy Kisses
Glowstick Kisses
Suck and Blow
Seven Minutes in Heaven

Send us your Kissing Games... we love them! Just drop us an email at games@virtualkiss.com. Thanks!

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