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Kissing Games

A variation on the classic "Seven-Up"
Things you'll need:
- a dark room or blindfolds for half the people
- an equal number of boys and girls

How to play:
   All the boys sit along one wall of the room, all the girls along the other. Choose who gets to go first (boys or girls)... this becomes the 'kissing team.' The lights are then turned out, or the 'receiving team' puts on their blindfolds... the receiving team must not be able to see at all! Each person on the 'kissing team' then quietly moves across the room and kisses ONE person on the receiving team, then returns to their original positions across the room.

   Once this is all done, the lights are turned back on or the blindfolds are removed. Each 'receiver' then must guess who kissed them... this can be one at a time, all at once, however you want to do it. Correct guessers get points, incorrect guessers get nothing. If more than half the receiving team guesses correctly, then the roles are reversed, and the 'kissing team' becomes the 'receiving team.' If less than half guess right, then the round is played again with the same teams. Continue until woozy!

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