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Kissing Games

Blindfold Kisses
A case of hidden identity
Things you'll need:
1 or more blindfolds
A group of people

How to play:

Option 1:
   First, divide everyone up into 2 teams: boys and girls. Each team is sent off to their own rooms, and everybody on each team then gets a number. One team should not know the other team's numbers.

   Next, one person from each team is selected by rolling dice, drawing out of a hat, or some other means. These players are then blindfolded, and brought out to the central area (team members will have to help them... they are blindfolded, after all.) The two blindfolded players must then kiss, and try to figure out who they are kissing (with no help from their teammates!) If they are correct, they can then get 7 Minutes in Heaven, or some other prize that the group selects.

   Once the players have made their guesses, remove the blindfolds and assign their 'prize.' Then both teams go back into their separate rooms to select the next players. Everyone then comes back into the central area for the next round.

- Submitted by Kgirl

Option 2:
   In this version, only one person is blindfolded at a time. This selected player is made to stand in the center of the room.

   Take all the players from the opposite team (for example, all the boys if a girl is blindfolded) and line them up... these are the 'Kissers'. The blindfolded player must kiss each of the Kissers and decided which is their favorite kisser.

   Next, mix all the 'Kissers' up, so they are in a different order than before. The blindfolded player must then kiss them all again, and decide again who is their favorite kisser.

   Finally, remove the blindfold. If the player chose the same person as their favorite both times, then those two get 7 Minutes in Heaven, or some other prize as decided by the group. If the player chooses differently both times, they get nothing (except all those kisses!) Choose a new player to be blindfolded and start again!

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