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Ice Kold Kisses
a new kissing game for all size groups.
What You'll Need:
An ice cube (or 2... see options)

How to play:
First, the group sits in a circle, alternating boy-girl-boy-girl (this game works best if played with equal numbers of boys and girls). The game starts with one of the players passing a WHOLE ice cube to the player next to them, using only their mouth (no hands allowed!). As the ice melts, the game gets more and more difficult (and interesting).

Once the ice cube has melted completely, start again with a new ice cube!

Option 1: Try playing with 2 ice cubes to add a bit more difficulty. To really spice things up, pass multiple ice cubes around the circle in different directions... things can get pretty wacky when the cubes have to 'cross.'

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