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Kissing Games

Kissing Poker
A playing-card based game of kissing chance
Things you'll need:
A deck of playing cards
A big group of people

How to play:
   First, everyone must choose a card from the deck. Whatever card they choose is THEIR card, and they must remember it. For example, if someone draws a Jack of hearts, they are the Jack. Everyone then return their cards to the deck.

   Next, the first player chooses a card. The card they choose is the person they get to kiss. Once they have kissed, the card is returned to the deck and the next person gets to play. Continue until everyone gets a chance to draw a card and collect a kiss!

Option 1: Depending on how many people are playing, you may want to just make the game based on the card suits. For example, everyone is either a heart, spade, club, or diamond. Then, when the player draws a card to get a kiss, they get to kiss everyone of that suit. This results in more kisses for everybody!

Option 2: To make the game more complex, the group could also assign certain Kissing Actions to the various cards or suits. Once the player has chosen a card determining who they will kiss, they must also draw a second card that denotes what kind of Kissing Action they must perform... such as kiss on the cheek, hug, kiss on the mouth, french kiss, etc. These actions are all decided upon by the group at the start of the game. This makes this version similar to Roll the Dice, except using cards instead of dice.

Option 3: Another variation of this game is to assign a 'dealer' that draws all the cards. Once everyone has their card, the dealer draws a 'boy card' and a 'girl card.' These are the two people that must kiss. Add this to Option 2 above, and the dealer could then draw a third card to assign a Kissing Action. If this is also mixed with Option 1 (everyone is just a card suit), then each draw could result in lots and lots of kisses exchanged... since, for example, all 'heart' boys would have to kiss all 'diamond' girls. That could be a Full House of kissing!

- Submitted by verybery21

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