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Kissing Games

Mix and Match
Find your number counterpart
Things you'll need:
A way to assign everyone numbers (hat & bits of paper, dice, etc.)
An even number of boys and girls

How to play:

   First, all the boys get together and assign themselves numbers, and all the girls get together and assign themselves numbers. For example, if there are 6 boys, each boy gets a number from 1-6. The opposite team cannot know your numbers, so keep them secret!

   Now, line up all the boys on one side of the room, and all the girls on the other side so the two lines are facing each other.

   To start play, the first girl steps forward and announces her number. The boy with the matching number then must step forward and kiss her. Continue down the line until everyone has gone... then assign new numbers and play again!

- Submitted by Lawren777

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