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Kissing Games

Pass the Candy (Kiss)
A variety of games involving tranferring candy using only tongues
Things you'll need:
- Candy to pass (Lifesavers, mints, candy sticks, chocolate kisses)

How to play:
Option 1: Lifesaver Circle
   Everyone lays in a circle (alternating boy/girl) with their feet out and enough room between everyone's head so that they can turn it. One person then takes a single Lifesaver candy and places it on the tip of their tongue. They must then pass the candy to the person next to them using only their tongues and mouths.. no hands! Keep passing the candy until someone drops it (or it dissolves). The person who dropped the candy (or the person it dissolved on) is out, and must leave the circle. Then start again with a new Lifesaver. Continue this until only 1 or 2 people remain... these winners get a kiss from everyone of the opposite sex as their prize! Then everyone lays down, and the whole thing starts over.

Option 2: Find the Mint
   Everyone sits in a circle, alternating boy/girl. The first player then takes a mint or other candy and hides it in their mouth. The person next to them must then try to find the mint in their mouth, using only their tongue. Once they find the mint, they must then hide it in their mouth and the next player must find it. The longer the game goes, the smaller the mint gets, and the more difficult it becomes to find.
- Submitted by Angie

Option 3: Candy Stick
   Take a chocolate or candy stick, and pass it around the circle. Each player must bit off a little bit of the stick, so it gets shorter and shorter as it goes around. When the stick is really short, you can pass it using your tongue. Remember, no hands!
- Submitted by Nasty, Slovenia

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