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Kissing Games

Red Lips Rover
A variation on the classic "Red Rover"
Things you'll need:
- a dark room
- an equal number of boys and girls

How to play:
   First off, a 'light master' must be selected... usually someone who doesn't want to play, or if there are an even number of boys and girls, then just take turns.

   All the boys line up along one wall of the room, all the girls along the other. The Light Master then turns off ALL the lights, so the room is completely dark. At this time, both lines mix around, re-arranging themselves in whatever order they wish... a time limit for this stage can be set, or it can be to the discrimination of the Light Master. Once the Light Master calls "Stop," the teams must stop mixing around and line up neatly.

   With the lights still out, the Light Master then calls "Walk" or "Go", and both lines must walk straight across the room, meeting in the middle with their direct counterpart from the opposite team. The Light Master then calls out "Kiss," and each couple must then kiss their counterpart (or the couples can just kiss as soon as they meet up). IMMEDIATELY after everyone kisses, the Light Master turns on the lights so everyone can see who they kissed.

   Once the round is over, a new Light Master is selected, the lines re-form on opposite sides of the room, and the whole process starts over.

Option 1: This variation is played exactly the same way, except the players are on their knees during the game. This is to make the heights more equal across all players.

Option 2: Again, this is played exactly the same, but all members of one team start with something in their mouths... gum, glowsticks, ice, candy etc. When the lights go on, every member of the opposite team should have the object in their mouths. This makes things a little more interesting, and ensures everyone gets a good kiss out of it!

- Submitted by Carly, Morgan, and Julie

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