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Kissing Games

Roll the Dice
A simple dice game with kisses as rewards!
Things you'll need:
- a pair of dice

How to play:
   The first thing to do is assign everyone a number that will correspond to a roll of the dice. For example, if you have 6 people, everyone gets a number between 1 and 6. If you want, you can assign the girls and boys the same numbers... then during play, the first role will always apply to the player of the opposite sex. Once you play a bit, this will make more sense.

   The next step is to assign different Kissing Actions for each number of the dice. This can actually be a really fun part of the game, as the 'official actions' are decided upon by the group. For example:

1 - Kiss on the cheek
2 - Kiss on the lips
3 - short tounge kiss
4 - longer tounge kiss
5 - 2 minutes in the closet
6 - 7 minutes in heaven

   You can have as many actions as you want... roll 2 dice, and have 12 actions! The sky is the limit... just make sure you don't forget to actually play the game!

   To play the game, the first player is selected. This can be by birthday, by (duh!) rolling the dice, whatever... just choose a 'player 1.'

   Player 1 then rolls the dice for the first time. This number selects the player they will have to kiss (for example, if a boy rolls a number 4, then he gets to kiss the girl player #4.)

   Player 1 then rolls the dice again, to select the 'Kissing Action' they will have to perform. This is where all that hard work deciding upon the actions really pays off!

   Once Player 1 and their kissing partner are done with their assigned action, Player 2 gets to roll twice... once to choose their partner, once to choose their Kissing Action. Continue this way until everyone has had enough!

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