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Kissing Games

Spinning Blindfold Kisses
Round and round you go... who you kiss, everybody knows!
Things you'll need:
1 or more blindfolds
A group of people

How to play:

   First, one person must be chosen as 'Host' to keep things running, but this person can change as the game goes on so everyone has a chance to play.

   Next, form everyone into a circle. The Host must then choose the first contestant... you can draw names out of a hat, roll dice, pick numbers... just choose someone!

   The contestant moves to the center of the circle, and the Host blindfolds them. Then the Host spins the player around a few times (like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'), then stops them so they are facing someone in the circle. The Host then tells them if they are facing a boy or a girl, and asks the player if they want to kiss. The player can say "yes" or "no" to this question, with 'yes' meaning they kiss that person. A 'no' means the host rotates the player one person to the left, again telling them if they are facing a boy or a girl, and asking if they want to kiss. This continues until the player in the middle finally kisses somebody (they HAVE to say yes to someone!).

   Once the first player has kissed a person from the circle, a new player is chosen and the game continues!

- Submitted by Shelly B.

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