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Kissing Games

Spin the Bottle
a classic kissing game for 4 or more players.
Things you'll need:
An empty soda bottle

How to play:
Everyone that is playing sits in a circle around the bottle. The first player spins the bottle, and if it ends up pointing at someone of the opposite sex (or same sex, if that's ok with the player and the pointee), then the two people kiss in front of the group. Play then continues on to the next player, usually the next person in the circle.

Option 1: The 'Spinner' remains neutral, and spins the bottle twice... the two people it ends pointing at must kiss. Play then continues to the next Spinner, who also 'selects' two people to kiss.

Option 2: Play in the dark, substituting a flashlight for the bottle. This makes things a bit more interesting, and kisses in the dark can be quite a reward.

Option 3 (new!): Substitute a tube of flavored lip gloss for the bottle. Play exactly the same, but the girl player has to apply the lip-gloss before the kiss... so this way you get a flavorful kiss!
- Submitted by Christina

Option 4 (new!): You may have seen this version on a recent Polaroid camera commercial. Basically, you just replace the bottle with an instant camera. When the 2 players kiss, another person snaps an instant photo of the event. This also is a great way to save memories of particularly great spin-the-bottle games!

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