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Kissing Games

Survivor Kisses
Outwit, Outplay, Outkiss!
Things you'll need:
- equal number of boys and girls
- paper and pencils
- 2 hats or other collection devices

How to play:
   First, divide everyone into teams by sex (ie. boys vs. girls).

   Next, every person from each team must kiss every person on the other team... (ie. every girl must kiss every boy). This can be organized however you like... each pair goes to a different room or closet for 2 minutes, everyone kisses right there and then, etc.

   Once everyone has kissed, everyone secretly writes their vote for the worst kisser on the other team on a piece of paper and puts it in their team hat. These votes are then counted, and the 2 people (one from each team) with the most votes are 'Voted Off the Island' and have to sit out. Throw out all those votes, and do the whole process again...

   Once there are only 2 boys and 2 girls left, they are the winners. Everyone that was voted out then votes for who should be paired with who. Then, each pair gets 7 minutes in heaven or some other reward.

- Submitted by Kelly R.

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