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Kissing Games

Kissing Team Tag
A team-based kissing tag with a time-limit
Things you'll need:
A bunch of people to play
A big place to play
A stopwatch

How to play:
   This game is a cross between kissing tag and hide-and-seek, with competition between teams (boys and girls.)

   First, divide the group into 2 teams: boys and girls. You could also have mixed teams, but it might get a little confusing. Either way, it's team against team! You will also need a Time Keeper... someone to sit out and run the stopwatch... this is a timed game!

   Now, one team is selected as the 'Hiding Team,' and the other team is designated the 'Finding Team.' When the TimeKeeper says 'Go!', the Hiding Team goes and hides, while the Finding Team hides their eyes and counts to 10 (or whatever number).... just like basic hide-and-seek. The Finding Team can't leave 'home base' until the TimeKeeper says so.

   Once the first team has hidden, the TimeKeeper starts the stopwatch and the Finding Team goes and finds as many of the Hiders as they can. The Finders must catch and kiss each of the Hiders before they can get back to home base, or time expires. When time is up (you can go for 1 minute, or however long the group decides) the TimeKeeper yells "Stop!" and everyone comes out and goes back to home base.

   Tally up the total kisses that the Finding Team got... that's their score for this round.

   Now the teams switch places, with the Finders running to hide and the Hiders becoming the chasers. After the same time limit, the new Finding Team's kiss score is tallied. Whichever team has the most points (kisses) wins that round.

   The rewards (and punishments) for the winning team can be decided upon by the group. You can play as many rounds as you like!

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