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Kissing Games

Kissing Whodunnit?
Kissing mysteries... can you guess who kissed who?
Things you'll need:
- blindfolds (optional)
- slips of paper for everyone who is playing
(one will have a "K" on it, the rest will be blank... or say whatever you want. The important thing is that one slip denotes the 'Kisser')

How to play:
   One person is chosen as the 'Mediator' for the round... each round it will be someone different. At the beginning of the round, the Mediator gives everyone a piece of paper... each of which is blank, except for the 1 that has a "K" on it (for "Kisser"... duh!). Alternately, everyone can draw their piece out of a hat to keep things on the up and up. Everyone is to keep their paper secret, so no one knows who the Kisser is for that round.

   Once the 'game pieces' have been passed out, everyone closes their eyes (or puts on a blindfold). Then the chosen Kisser kisses everyone of the opposite sex (or same sex... we don't care). Once that is completed, everyone opens their eyes/removes their blindfolds, and proceeds to guess who the kisser was that round. This can be done by secret ballot, or out in the open. The Mediator tallies the votes, and records who was correct with their guess.

   Those that choose the right Kisser receive the prize of your choice, or get a point or some other reward. For the next round, the 'Kisser' becomes the 'Mediator,' so everyone gets a chance to play.
- Submitted by Libby M. and Mandy P.

Option 1: The player that gets the "K" game piece is blindfolded and leaves the room. The rest of the players then choose a "Kisser"... this can be done by vote, by choosing a name out of a hat, or by having a game piece that denotes the 'Kisser.' The "Kissee" is then brought back into the room, and the chosen "Kisser" kisses them on the cheek. The Kissee must guess who kissed them... a correct guess means they remove the blindfold, and another Kissee and Kisser are chosen as before.

   An incorrect guess means the Kisser must kiss the Kissee on the lips... and then another guess. If they guess wrong again, they get to be french kissed, and guess again. If they can't get it by this time, then they lose, get laughed at, and lose their turn as Kissee. Then the whole things starts over!
- Submitted by Tami

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