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Order Kiss Stickers for only $2.00 !

  These stickers have been extremely popular everywhere we go, so we decided to give out even more! They are a great way to meet new people, start conversations, and help weed out bad kissers before they do any damage.

  To purchase 10 stickers, you have a couple options. The easiest and QUICKEST way is to pay via PayPal with your credit card by clicking on the button below.
For online order:
Or you can send a check or money order for $2.00 (if you send cash, we're not resposible if mailman steals it, so it's at your own risk. So far we haven't had any problems with cash, but remember to hide the cash in a card or thick paper.)

payable to: Hays Internet Marketing, Inc.

mail to:
10 VirtualKiss.com Stickers Offer
c/o Hays Internet Marketing, Inc.
PMB 102
9090 Skillman, #182-A
Dallas, Texas 75243

BE SURE to send us your mailing address written VERY NEATLY so that we can send them to you without any problems. Currently only available to residents of the USA.

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