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Kissing Games

2-player Kissing Games

   Sure, parties are fun and all, but sometimes you just want to be with that special someone... and kiss them! Keeping this in mind, we've assembled some Kissing Games that only require 2 people to play. As always, the rules presented here are flexible... customize these games to your liking... or forget the games and just get to kissing!

Paper, Rock, Kisses
   Play this game just like a normal game of Paper, Rock, Scissors. Whoever 'loses' each hand must then kiss the winner!

Slo-Mo Kisses
   The object of this game is to see how slow you and your partner can kiss each other. This is also just good practice, as slow kisses are generally considered quite desirable and passionate.

   You and your partner begin kissing each other. As you kiss, concentrate on moving your lips and tongue slower and slower. Try to feel each little nerve signal that is being sent to your brain as you sssslllooowwwllllyyy explore each other's mouths. Once you've got this down... move even slower!

Nuthin' But the Lips
   Since kissing can tend to concentrate too much on tongues (just ask the French!), this game is designed to help develop other parts of your technique.

   The simple rules of this game are... no tongues! That's right, you can only use your lips. Don't worry... the passion level of this game can be through the roof if done correctly!

   Begin by just kissing each other on the lips... softly and slowly. Concentrate on drawing out the lip contact... not just kissing the lips, but brushing them against each other, sucking softly on both the top and bottom lips, and maybe even nibbling a little! Remember, this game is all about the lips, so really feel what they are doing. Feel the texture of your partner's lips, and what they are doing against yours. Slowly brush, kiss, and suck your way around each other's mouths... then do it some more!

   Trust us, you'll be amazed at the sensations you can get from just using your lips.

Tippy Tongues
   This game is almost, but not quite, the exact opposite of the 'Nuthin' but the Lips' game above.

   To play this game, you get to use your tongue... but just the very tip! Just play with each other's tongue tippies with your own tongue... just barely making contact. Swirl and dance your tongue tip around, and play with the various motions you can make using just your tongue tip.

   You can kiss this way with lips touching or not touching... though touching lips generall makes things a little more comfortable and controlled. Don't forget to concentrate on the tongues! Just the tippy tongues!

Get the Gum
   To play this game, you obviously need a piece of gum... choose a flavor that both partners like.

   One person chews the gum up a little. Then, the other player must kiss the gum chewer and try to get the gum out of their mouth, while the gum chewer tries to keep ahold of the gum! Once the second player gets the gum away, the first player then tries to get the gum back.

   This is a good game to practice using your tongues, and is good if you haven't done much tongue kissing before. It helps you relax a little and get used to using your tongue, putting it in someone else's mouth, and having their tongue in yours.

- Submitted by Hokiebabe1023

Secret Word
   This game is a great one to play over the course of a day, date, or evening.

   To start the game, you and your partner must decide upon a 'code word' (or words). For the duration of the game, whenever someone says that word, you and your partner must kiss.

   For best results, pick a word that will be used somewhat often, but not every sentence. "And", "If", etc. are bad words, because they are used way too often! Depending on what you are doing, the word could be related to your activity. For example, if you are going bowling, the word could be "strike" , "spare" , or even "rented shoes".

   Part of the fun of the game is to not let other people know what you are up to. Let them wonder why you are randomly kissing for no (obvious) reason!

Staring Contest
   One of the oldest games in the world has got to be the staring contest. Update this oldie with a kissing twist!

   The two contestants should sit comfortable facing each other. The object of the game is to "stare down" your opponent. When the game starts, the two contestants must stare into each other's eyes... the first to blink, laugh, or react in any other way is the 'loser', and must kiss the 'winner.'

War (Card Game) Kisses
   To play this game you'll need an ordinary deck of playing cards.

   Divide the cards up evenly between the two players. Don't look at your cards! Just hold the stack in one hand, face down.

   To play, each person must lay down the top card of their stack (without looking at their cards) face down in the middle of the table. Whoever lays down the higher card wins the 'battle' and gets a kiss from their opponent, as well as keeping the cards just played. To win the game, you must get all your opponents cards... and kisses!

   If the same card is layed down at the same time, 'War' is declared and each player must lay down 3 cards, face down, on the table. The next card is then played face up, with the higher card getting all the cards on the table, along with a kiss for every card.

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