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  Oh, we're dedicated alright. In case you doubted our obsession, check out our official E-Kiss vanity plate.
If you see us drive by, come ask us for some free stickers!

This page is dedicated to giving credit where credit is due. VirtualKiss.com is a work in progress, and there is no way we could do what we do without the help of these fine folks. Please take the time to learn a little more about those that contributed to making VirtualKiss.com THE kissing resource on the web.

Marshall Hays , Clark Allen , and Joe Hanish
Hays Internet Marketing, Inc.

The guys behind the website from Day 1. Marshall makes alot of noise, Clark draws the wacky graphics, and Joe makes it all appear online. The website has really grown over the years. It's still baffling to look at the numbers. You might also like some of our clients' websites as well.
( http://www.hays.net )

Gerald Anderson

We are very thankful to Gerald for helping make the E-kiss possible, way back in December of '96. His Perl scripting allowed for the e-kiss to actually work and handle the onslaught of users. He's also the one responsible for the original Kissing Tip of the Day rotation program. Of course Joe has since rewrote both of those... but don't worry, Gerald is back in action in 1999 writing our mailing list server software.

Jennifer Widstrom

Jennifer joined us in January 1999 as our webmistress. She is in charge of cross links, part-time kissing story editing, and making most of the changes to the site. She is also in-charge of EmailAbuse.org website.

David D. Coleman
The Dating Doctor

Check out David's articles in our new Kissing Interaction Section. You can also go visit his Official Website: www.DatingDoctor.com

Tiffany Salais

Tiffany has been interning with us since the Summer 1999 . She has been editing and judging the Dating and Kissing Tip contests. She also has helped create some of the new content and quizzes that you will all soon get to see. And yes, some of the quotes in the newsletters are from her too. She also works on DailyFashion.com.

Kristi E. Sandlin

Kristi was our intern for the Fall 1998. She updated the site, handled website promotions, and maintained the email.


Thanks to all the loyal visitors of VirtualKiss.com. We truly appreciate the time you take to explore our site, send E-Kisses, submit kissing tips and kissing stories, and revel in our world of kissing. We also thank you for your feedback, which allows us to make this site better for everyone. Keep it up!

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