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Kissing Games

Animal Kisses
Fun and games with stuffed animals
Things you'll need:
A stuffed animal, the closer to human the better. Dolls don't seem to work as well as animals, so keep that in mind.

How to play:

   Everyone playing sits in a circle, alternating boy/girl/boy/girl. Start with one person in the circle, and give them the stuffed animal. Each person in the circle has to kiss some part of the animal, then pass it to the next person. No part can be repeated!

   Once the animal has made it around the circle, it is put aside. Now the person running the game tells the group that they must now kiss the person sitting to their right (or in the same direction that the animal was passed) in the EXACT SAME place they kissed the animal. This can be a real surprise to those who have never played this game...

   This game generally only works once, since the surprise factor is part of what makes it fun. However, feel free to try to mix up the game to keep it going. For example, first make the players kiss the animal, then mix the circle up randomly so they don't know who they will have to kiss!

- Submitted by Kimmy and Hayley

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