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Kissing Games

Kissing Freeze Tag
freeze tag with a kissing twist!
Things you'll need:
A bunch of people to play

How to play:
This game is basically like tag... in fact, it's just like freeze tag! One player is chosen as 'it.' The 'it' player gives all other players a head start, and then proceeds to chase them and 'tag' them (when the 'it' player touches another player, it is a 'tag'). Once tagged, the player must remain frozen exactly as they were when they were tagged.

The only way to un-freeze a player is for another player to kiss them. This will allow the frozen player to re-join the game (moving freely)... until they are tagged again!

The game continues until all the players are frozen, or until another 'it' player is chosen... this could be the last non-frozen player, a player chosen at random, or however you wish to choose the new 'it'.

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