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Glowstick Kisses
a new party game for in the dark.
What You'll Need:
- a small-size glowstick. You can find them in costume/party shops and probably other stores like Wal-mart, etc. They are sold to be held in your mouth to give it a creepy 'glowing' appearance... you see them alot around halloween. You could also probably use the little glowsticks they sell as refills for glow-in-the-dark toys, like balls and frisbees, etc.

How to play:
The players sit around in a circle, boy-girl-boy-girl, in a completely dark room. The 'glowing' glowstick is then passed from player to player using only their mouths.

This may seem pretty simple, since you're not passing lifesavers or anything really that challeging. However, this game is very cool because it can be hard to get everything lined up properly to pass the glowstick in the dark. All you can see is part of a tiny glowstick. Also, it looks very cool to the rest of the people in the circle, because you can 'see' what's happening by what the glowstick does. If it disappears for too long, then a couple players are making up their own games!

Bonus: Since this is played in a completely dark room, with only a tiny glowstick for light, players that are not actually dealing with the glowstick can make their own fun without too much nosiness from other players. Of course, you've got to be ready when the stick gets to you, otherwise they'll be on to you!

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