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  Whether you're new to the whole kissing thing, or a seasoned pro looking to brush up on the basics, Kissing 101 covers the fundamental information you need to know for good kissing.

Of course, like all fundamental skills, you really have to practice to master them. This guide is not meant as a hard-and-fast set of rules for kissing... that goes against our whole philosophy! Instead, incorporate some of these basics into your own unique kissing technique. Kissing is a 'personal style' kind of sport... so get creative!

Choose a topic from the list below to read more about it. If you have a great fundamental that you think would really help the rest of the class, raise your hand and tell us about it.

Kissing 101 Topics
  Just a little 'kissing homeroom' to ease you into the day.
  Talk about basic! Where else to start... but the lips?
  The windows to the soul... and the key to looking like a big fish. Get some peeper pointers...
Head Movement
  Your noggin needs some attention too. Give it that 'sensitive bob' and read on...
  Your brain: Sure it got you here, now it's time to turn it off.
  Communication is the key to good kissing... so don't skimp!
  A good kiss should leave you a little short of breath... but not so much that you turn blue. How to breathe AND kiss successfully.
Saliva Control
  Sure, nothing grows in the desert... but i've already taken a bath today, thank you. The ins and outs of waterworks.
  Mastery of tempo will have you conducting an orchestra of kissing pleasure in no time...
  The strongest and most flexible muscle in the human body... in more ways than one. Learn to use it for more than just eating and talking.

  Ok, you've got the abilities... now where do you get the opportunities? Mosey on over to Kissing Games for great ways to get kisses, all while pretending it's just a game.

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