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Game Show Kisses
A variation on a popular Kissing Game from Brazil
Things you'll need:
A blindfold, screen, or other blocking device

How to play:

   One person is chosen as the Host. This person can remain the same, or it can alternate throughout the group.

   The first Contestant is then selected. They can be chosen by the Host, by the group, drawing names out of a hat, etc. Just choose someone already! This player is then blindfolded, led behind the screen, or otherwise shielded from the rest of the group. It is important that they cannot see the group!

   The Host then begins pointing at various people in the group (of the opposite sex), saying "This one?" The Contestant, still shielded from the group, then responds either "yes" or "no." They can refuse as many times as they like, but they cannot sit down until they have accepted somebody. Once someone has been accepted by the Contestant, that person comes to the front.

   Now, the Host must determine the Kissing Action that the two people will perform. There are several ways to do this:

Option 1: The Brazilian Way
   The host proceeds to ask the Contestant if they would like a grape, a pear, an apple, or mixed fruit salad (salada mista). These fruits correspond to the kind of kiss the players will engage in. A grape is a kiss on the hand, a pear is a hug, an apple is a kiss on the lips, and the salad is a big kiss with all the other things mixed in. These actions can be decided upon at the start of the game by the group. Once the Contestant has chosen their fruit, they remove the blindfold (or step back into the room), see who their partner is, and perform the Action. When they are done, both players sit down and another Contestant is selected from the group.

Option 2:
   As always, the Kissing Action can be selected with dice or cards, or any other way the group decides upon. At the start of the game, the group assigns various kissing actions to the different numbers, cards, etc. of the selection method. For example, 1 = kiss on the cheek, 2 = kiss on the lips, etc. Once the Contestant has accepted a partner, the Kissing Action is assigned, the Contestant removes their blindfold or steps back into the room, and the couple performs their action.

   Once the players are finished with their action, both people sit down and the next Contestant is chosen from the group.

- Submitted by Kara

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