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Kissing Games

Kiss or Dare
Truth or Dare, with a Kissing Twist!
Things you'll need:
A group of people

How to play:
   Everyone sits in a big circle, and one person is chosen to go first. This 'Darer' then chooses one person for a dare... which can just about anything they can think up.

   If the person chosen for the dare doesn't want to do it, they can instead yell "Tongue Tied!" This means they don't have to do the dare, and instead will have to kiss someone from the circle.

   The person they must kiss can be chosen by the original Darer, chosen by the group, or selected in some other way (ie. with dice or cards.)

   The 'Kisser' could also be assigned various Kissing Actions (such as kiss on the cheek, french kiss, etc.) These actions can be chosen by the group at the beginning of the game, and can be assigned to a roll of the dice, drawing out of a hat, etc. The harder the dare, the more intense the Kissing Action assigned...

- Submitted by Kellie

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